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Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Invites

Oct 26, 2022


In this episode our host, Philip Guarino, is joined by Rob Follows. Rob’s passion for helping entrepreneurs and family run businesses maximize their venture’s exit led him to found STS Capital Partners, where he has been involved with over 1000 venture deals. By pulling from his experience on both sides of a negotiation, Rob shares what he wishes he had known as an entrepreneur during his first exit, and the value of finding an advisor who aligns with your company values. 

Philip and Rob discuss the key differences between financial and strategic buyers, and the perseverance needed to build a venture from the ground up. Tune in to this episode to learn how to successfully value your venture, and optimize your exit strategy. And keep an out for HAE’s four-part series on exit strategy, featuring Rob Fellows and the STS Team.



Rob Follows’, Founder and CEO of STS Capital Partners, passion is to help entrepreneurial business owners achieve successful Exits and support the creation of billions of dollars in philanthropic capital. STS = Success to Significance through Selling to Strategics™. He has been involved in or led over a thousand M&A transactions, with a total transaction value of over $100B.  He has held various roles with YPO, including Founding Chapter Chair; former Chair of the Global Deal Network; Founding Chair of the Executive Committee of the Social Enterprise Networks; and, as a YPO Best of the Best Premier Speaker: ‘Everyone has their own Everest, what is yours?’